The Puppet Challenge-part 6, and my first drive in the jellymould!


image image Hooves on hips





Clive Hicks-Jenkins has very kindly devoted a whole post to my efforts for the Puppet Challenge Exhibition; he has edited them nicely to contain the whole conception from start to finish: from the storyboard, through the drawing stage and onward to construction and presentation. I felt compelled to create the storyboard in order to get to know the character, he wasn’t very well-rounded  in any references, and local tales were disjointed in the extreme, so I finally invented him myself, thereby giving myself a whole heap more work, when I could have chosen a myth or legend which existed with all elements ready and waiting! However I have enjoyed the journey so far , but it is not yet ended, the story, although drafted is only half written and half illustrated so there is quite a way to travel. I am saving that for winter I think, and then there are the paintings I am hoping to do, inspired by this whole project. I have completed one watercolour, and am currently working on 2 others, but I’m not sure about them at all, and they are certainly not ready to go public!! To give a wee hint, they are  “backcloths” to the story, which means they have no characters in them, and consequently the whole dynamic is changed. Anyway I am reflecting on’t!

Here is the link

…………….I took the 2CV out to the local shop this morning, it was my first drive in it, the paperwork hiccups are ironed out and she’s on the road!! Apart from the rather alarming brakes, and the indicator switch falling off it was a good trip. I had to take both hands off the steering wheel in order to indicate left or right on the way home, but, fortunately, there were not many changes of direction. I have now neatly gaffer-taped it back on to the steering column; it’s an invisible mend, fully approved by the mad Scotsman, so that’s ok. See the evening primrose competing with the colour!


You see how dull the weather is, it’s not warm, July has been a wet and chilly month. I am wearing my fleece, believe it or not!


5 thoughts on “The Puppet Challenge-part 6, and my first drive in the jellymould!

  1. Interesting development of puppet challenge – and also interesting to see your 2CV is the same colour as my car!! Which inevitably is called ‘Buttercup’ rather than ‘Primrose’!

  2. Dear Liz I am so sorry I didn’t photograph the puppets for you. There was so much rain in June and when it wasn’t raining I gardened as much as I could. I had surgery on my wrist for carpal tunnel syndrome last week — and that has put me out of the garden for a while. John’s exhibit leaves for Holland today, so I’ll be able to enlist his help to do the photos if you still need them. It would be a pleasure.

    I love your story and Clive’s post. Look forward to more.

    You do look good in your yellow 2CV. I bet you stop some traffic! lots of love, Nancy

    • No worries Nancy, you were kind enough to bring the Saracen to meet EhBeh , who could ask for more? Tell John Good Luck in Holland, and may he sell all!! We must hold a 2CV meeting/rally/picnic before the summer is over!xL

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