Wildlife and cars

Every year I let the wild flowers self seed in the flowerbeds whilst the perennial summer flowers develop amongst them, once they die off I clear them away, to reveal the summer blooms. This is the view from the kitchen window.



The view from my studio:


Wildlife : On my daily walks with Meg I see evidence of the deer nibbllng at young shoots as they push up through the grass. Once I accustom my eyes to these gently nibbled areas I can see them everywhere.


Returning from the walk:


Potting up some geraniums yesterday , I came across these beautiful delicate lizard’s eggs, I quickly photographed them, and wrapped them in moss and earth, I didn’t want to water them with the geranium in place, so popped them in a pot beside it. I do hope they will survive, it’s cold rainy today, and I have since read that the embryos can easily be detached if they are not kept in the same position. This, unfortunately, was unavoidable because I had already unwittingly dug them up.




Graham has test driven her around the lanes here, we are just waiting for the paperwork to get her legally on the road:



Graham’s next project, which has been in abeyance for 8 years, it was driveable when we got it, and we would roll up to meet new clients , which would immediately break the ice, because every French person remembers riding in their Grandad’s or uncle’s one at sometime!

Then Graham got infected with the “, I-must-tinker-with-this-car” and “if-it-ain’t-broke-I-am-going-to-fix-it”  viruses. He has removed the engine and gear box, wings etc, sanded the whole thing and resprayed it. The engine is back in , but as you can see there is more work to be done!




7 thoughts on “Wildlife and cars

  1. It’s got to be said. I LOVE your Graham. He is an indefatigable craftsman, and his enthusiasms know no bounds. I remember once when staying with you I was in despair because my car had broken down, and what I know about the inside of a car could be written on the head of a pin. (In biro!) But Graham just looked under the hood and was immediately a man in his element, and the Polo was back on the road again in a flash. All hail the engineering genius!

    Those lizard eggs are beautiful!

    Liz, you and I share an attitude toward gardening. Let the wild flowers flourish while they can. It’s a short enough season for them, and there’s always room in the beds for a few visitors!

  2. I have to say that the air conditioning on the rebuilt 2CV is better – if a tad less elegant?

    Love the lizards eggs – let us know if/when they hatch please!

    • Ha ha! Yes the a/c is a bit primitive on the traction avant! As regards the eggs, I am so tempted to check them , but I know I mustn’t. Funnily enough , I found a whole clutch of eggs in the rockery last week, I assume they must have been snake eggs as there were so many, the size and weight of them combined would have added up to 3 lizards! I like to think they belonged to the 2 snakes I photographed on the path a couple of weeks ago. ( I didn’t have my camera at the time so I was unable to photograph the eggs)

  3. Please keep sending me these wonderful photos … Merci Liz de penser un peu a moi
    je suis partie pour deux mois aux USA me changer les idees …
    I need some rest and far distance to recover …
    i hope you are both doing well take care Nicole
    Bises a Graham nb j aime la couleur de la 2cv….

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