Two puppets are completed: man and goat.

I have yet to make the fountain puppet, but unfortunately it won’t be ready in time for the the June challenge. But, at least the design is there, ( see the bottom of the page). My next post will be the redrawn storyboard, with the actors playing their roles.

EhBeh and Mr Lechèvre have posed for their publicity photos which will be used  for the programme covers.


latest - 01

latest - 02










EhBeh as the minstrel; he treads the boards for the first time, and sings the ballad of the young man who’s likeness is transformed into a wild goat.


latest - 04

The lights dim as he invites us to listen to the sombre yet heartening tale of L’ébéroux  and the ancient “Place of goats”.

latest - 03


EhBeh in the same role, as seen on tour.


ehbeh onstage - 13

Mr Lechèvre, who plays the role of the goat, waits for his cue in the garden, as the sun goes down.

latest - 05

Mr Lechèvre, from the scene set in the hills : dawn arrives, it’s too late and he is to be  a goat forever .

latest - 06

A meeting of alter egos.

latest - 11


and again

latest - 12

Following the dress rehearsal, the director runs through the moves, and makes a couple of changes.

latest - 10


The design for the fountain puppet, I will make him one day!

imageJust to show you that there is a world out there, and that daily life continues. Here is Graham cutting the field with our 50 year old Porsche. ( well Porsche – Eicher , but it sounds better when I say “Porsche” !! )

Photos - 450


8 thoughts on “Two puppets are completed: man and goat.

    • Thanks Clive, I am so glad you are pleased with the result. You were foremost in my mind, and I was so worried about letting you down, as always. I know you are not a hard taskmaster, but that makes it all the more challenging! It took ages to set up, just like real theatre, and if you had looked behind the scenes at the masking tape, pegs and string you would have felt you were on familiar ground. I still have the storyboard to post yet, that will be tonight’s task. We have our first gîters coming tomorrow, so it’s housework, ironing and gardening today, then I have an exhibition to hang tomorrow, which is in a local shop who exhibit artists work as well. Phew!

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