A meeting of puppets. Plus snakes at La Crabouille.



puppet - 14Ehbeh had a visitor a few days ago, a blackamoor from Sicily!  Friend Nancy brought him for us to see, and explained that she met the maker while on holiday there , his name is Vincenzo Argento and he lives in  Palermo.  Nancy and John bought this puppet and a wonderful wooden dragon. The metal Moor is exquisite, his shield and armour are embossed  beautifully both back and front, as you can see. 

puppet - 19




The shop in Palermo:

Vincento Argento, with John watching him assemble the dragon puppet:puppmaker 2The dragon’s head:dragon head

A meeting of minds and metals, Ehbeh meets Othello;

puppet - 18


I have decided for the purposes of speed and more manipulation, to arrange the puppet flat and photograph him in the desired poses ( i.e. waking,  running etc). Thus, I can incorporate the storyboard which I sketched out initially, and the work doesn’t go to waste!

puppet - 06


puppet - 4


time is getting short for sending my contribution to the puppet challenge, I have started the goat puppet…. the clock ticks:

goat puppet head

Daily Life: now I know that Joan in Australia will like this one! ( I remember you refused to walk in our forests for fear of seeing snakes! )

Yesterday I just about managed to grab the camera in order to take a pic of these 2 grass-snakes getting friendly, my movement made them dash to the shade , which was a blow, but you can still make out the way their bodies are intertwined, it was a privilege to watch our very own wildlife in action.blogmay17 - 2blogmay17 - 3


Lastly, the rose bower is looking rather magnificent at the moment, ( unfortunately, the telegraph pole is not, we have been waiting 9 months for it to be removed grrrrrrrr)

blogmay17 - 1


4 thoughts on “A meeting of puppets. Plus snakes at La Crabouille.

    • Hi Nancy, they are grass snakes, otherwise I would not have stuck around!! They were long enough, approx 3′ or 1 mtr. It was a shame I was unable to photograph them when they were in the sunshine, their bodies were gleaming in the contre-jour light, and looked far more dramatic as they twisted and writhed and raised their heads in unison. I was also hanging on to Megan’s collar, as I was just setting off for her evening walk when I spotted them. So I had to drag her back to the house and search for the camera. Someone has got to invent a camera that is attached to one’s brain, positioned just above the eye, then all I would have had to do was tell it to click!

  1. Dear Liz, I almost reblogged this onto the Artlog, but decided not to because I want to hold back from showing any more of the Puppet Challenge works, particularly the completed ones, until the online exhibition. Might you be interested in writing a little guest Artlog post for me, about the visitor from Palermo? No hurry. Maybe in the next couple of weeks. You could just write a paragraph and send me as an e-mail, and I’d lift the relevant images from here. Just a thought.

    I think Ehbeh is just fantastic, full of character and youthful gangliness. Vulnerable too, which is great. Well done. Well, well done!

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