The barn wall, and other things.

1.The painting on barn wall progresses now that the weather is better; it is tiring though, I feel as though I am hurdling as I continually flit back and forth across those terraced walls, and up and down the ladders, standing back to check how colours and tones balance; oh,  I am not complaining too much,  c’est bon “pour la ligne” !
2. Hanging at the window, at home in the kitchen, Ehbeh has taken a new stance- his hands on hips waiting for me to make his night shirt. I notice that even though I haven’t painted his face yet, there appear to be the faint markings of eyes and a mouth, and an expression is forming as if by magic. It’s strange…. all I did was sand his face a bit smoother, and there it is.
3. I went to see about another job last week at Château des Vigiers. It’s a small one:  2 doors to be “patined” and gilded, both sides, and the numbers 11 and 12 to be painted on them. (I painted these doors 24 years ago,they have been changed to fire doors so hence the job) That’s for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, no holidays for me ! The Château is a hotel and country golf club, I painted their restaurant “ Les fresques” 24 years ago, and it’s still going strong after all these years, Graham and I refurbished it about 5 years ago. Here is a photo


4. The same goes for the Salon de Thé, shown here, (I originally painted this 24 years ago with another painter,) Graham and I re-painted it last year, in approximately the same colours. You cannot really see the patining and gilding in the photograh, but it makes a huge but subtle difference to the “feel’ of the room when you are in there.

5.  At home, as the virginia creeper bursts into leaf, the wisteria is flowering at La Crabouille, and there is a heady scent in the air…… and just look at that deep blue sky!!



6. And lastly, news on Graham: here is a metal table he is constructing, and a pic of a fellow 2cv enthusiast, our friend John Griefen. Ours is very nearly on the road. We will be bleeding the brakes today, then soon, we will be roaring around the countryside, (hopefully). However, it will be impossible to be incognito with that vivid yellow!
IMG_4632And yes that is a gurney you see in the foreground…….don’t ask!!


7 thoughts on “The barn wall, and other things.

  1. This post is full of so many good things, I hardly know where to start.

    The barn mural is looking magnificent. If you took a photograph from a different angle, cropping out the top of the building and the sky above, I’d think I was on the terrace of a beautiful garden in Tuscany, looking out over a bucolic landscape peppered with pencil-cypresses. The foreground shingle planted with shrubs perfectly blends reality with artifice. You are a genius!

    Ehbeh is full of character already. And you’ve learned the trick of allowing the puppet to come to you, rather than forcing things. You have all the right instincts.

    I love Graham’s wrought-ironwork. (I’ve always thought the chandelier in your dining room lovely.) That garden table is wonderful. I’m green with envy! As for the vehicle…. oh it is GLORIOUS! What a dream-team you two are. So many skills.

    C xxx

    • Thanks Nancy for the frightening info, don’t they make you want to spit, these wretched hackers, ( if this weren’t such a public place my words would be slightly more colourful!)

  2. Hi Liz Would love to put my comments on your blog, but will in time. John loved seeing his CV — and enjoyed his afternoon last Sunday with Graham. I am charmed by your story-telling. Ehbeh would make a great book on his own. It is such a nice way to keep up with a friend, almost as good as a coffee. When my daughter has time to help me with the WordPress blog she set up for me, I’ll renew work on mine. lots of love to you both. Hope the work goes smoothly next weekend. Nancy

    • Hey, thanks Phil, it’s good of you to say so,.I was working on it again today , back and forth, back and forth, I feel as though I did nothing at all, but I think its slowly coming together!

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