Alphabet Soup



Progress on the barn wall has been minimal this week; I have managed to draw some of it out, but then, when I reach for my paints it starts raining! The Bergerac meteo is so unreliable, I compare several forecasts, they never correspond to one another, so I plump for the one that suits me best! Well, that’s why I have never won the lottery, I suppose; it’s sunny when I decide to stay home, it rains when I go to the workplace. This morning is frosty at -2º so now it’s too cold to go early . The paints are waterbased, and must not be subjected to below +5º.

……………….In the meantime, I thought I would post this alphabet I designed, it was a submission for Clive Hicks-Jenkins 2nd online exhibition called “Alphabet Soup” ( in 2012) . Its worth you having a look at the rest of the exhibition at Clive’s Artlog, There are some amazing designs and ideas by other artists.

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