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We went to see a (possible) future job last week, here are a few pics of the sort of places I am expected to work! Aah…. Château life again! This one is an hour away, near St Emilion, a beautiful wine château dating back to the 9th century,  away up in the hills with glorious views all around. It belongs to a Belgian count, for whom we worked a few years ago.  (His other old Château is also amazing, creepy though, especially in the cellar. There are many 18th century panelled rooms, the kitchen is cold and dark with old stone sinks, and the original “pizze” stone floors throughout. They have kept the feel of the place entirely, but then, they don’t stay there during the winter! It is now up for sale if anyone is interested?)

Pics to follow are of the new château


The drive up to the châteauchateaucellar

The old kitchen , now the cellar.piano room

The piano room , which we will not be touching. A beautiful space with 2 pairs of tall 18th century windows on adjacent walls thus the room is filled with intense daylight.


The kitchen, which, by the looks of it was decorated in the mid eighties ( yuck) and desparately needs a  bit of loving decoration to bring it back to its former glory.

Meanwhile back at home…


Chief surgeon at work: Graham completing  heart surgery on our cotoneaster tree, ( I work from a distance pointing out with a long stick where to cut )blossom

Spring is here, the plum and pear trees are in blossom.

Graham has been restoring our newly acquired 2CV, (meticulously as is his way), it will soon be on  the road, with its sewing machine engine roaring up the hills. Fred, our friend from Oregon, if I remember correctly, used to refer to it as a jellymould!2cv

6 thoughts on “More daily life

  1. Liz, Your site is a pleasure. Man a 2CV. Looks good Graham. What is that drive going past the plumb and pear tree? I don’t recognize it. Is it the drive going to the hourse from the road? We’ve got spring here too. Looks about like yours. I don’t see the hills you said I spoke of. I think I’ll buy that chateau. Fred

    • Hi Fred, great to hear from you! The drive runs past our house, we are looking up towards the house with our backs to the woods where we walk the dog everyday. René the gendarme lives to the left of the photo. You’re right I didn’t show the hills , I’ll dig out that photo for the next post, it’s a pic of the view from their window, of their own vineyard, with blue hills beyond as far as the eye can see.

  2. Dear Liz and Graham….so fun to get your news and photos!  Hope the job restoring the chateau materializes.  (I know “restoring” is too big a word but in that context, I’m sure that’s how it will be.. Also…it was fun to see Fred mentioned  in your piece.  All is well and quiet here….more or less.  I hope all’s well with you two.  Love to you both, Jill

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