The puppet challenge storyboard continues

just to remind you where I left EhBeh:

11. EhBeh, naked, scrambles to the mouth of the fountain. The fountain regurgitates these weirdly watery words……

the fountain speaks12.


He reads the watery words, stands up and with his hands on hips, tosses his head in disdainful disbelief, but as he does so his head feels top-heavy and cumbersome. His hands reach up only to feel 2 unfamiliar shapes protruding from his head, he hears the clop of hoof on horn, and when he lowers his limbs,  he perceives his cloven hooves with horror, and slumps unwittingly on to all fours. Unable to rise back up onto his legs, he lets out a  prolonged enfeebled bleat. Then, gazing into the black waters gushing from the fountain, he beholds the reflection of a wild long-haired goat.



I have started, at last, thinking about the construction of the puppet(s). Springs have sprung to mind, I was thinking of the old mattress springs I have been hoarding for years, only to find that Graham has thrown them out, so off I go to the DIY and buy some, here are the beginnings of a notion, but it’s not written in stone, I may have new ideas later.

As you can see they are not mattress springs, but these will do for the limbs.

And some sketchy ideas


image image

Here were the mattress spring ideas, it’s still possible to use them , if I can find them, but the ideas remain fluid :


image image


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