The puppet challenge, 1.

This particular blog has come about because I am taking part in Clive Hicks-Jenkins’ Online Puppet Challenge exhibition in June 2014. Somebody signed me up for it, (was it you Clive?).

I guess it may be because I took part in the other 2 online exhibitions: Maquettes, and Alphabet Soup. (See )  Anyway I did not want to clog up Clive’s Artlog with pictures of work in progress, so here I am writing my own blog!


I have chosen the legend of the Loubérou or Lébérou, known in various rural areas of France. Constructing a puppet that operates properly is truly a challenge, although I have sculpted and made props in art college and the theatre, that was a long time ago. So, I am dipping into this project with great trepidation. Firstly, I felt I had to get to know the character , hence the storyboard format. I am still a long way from the actual fabrication of the puppet.

1. The house of EhBeh, in the Place of Goats, (la Crabouille)


2. EhBeh asleep in bed


3. He dreams of bells and goats.


4.The moonlight,shining through the window, bathes his sleeping face in white light.Image

5. He wakes with a start, he sees the curtains beckoning him to leave his home, but what for?….Image

6. He rushes from the house, with the strongest compulsion to see the fountain in the enchanted forest.


7. He reaches the fountain.


8. Where he throws himself into the chilly swirling waters.Image

9. He strips off his nightshirt.Image

10. Whirling it around his head.Image

to be continued………..I  think I will try to work him with rods from the back. I hope it will make the running element easier, as I can roll his legs in a circular motion, giving the effect of running. (I need to draw that one) Also I now plan to make him a redhead., then he can be EhBehRoux , (EhBeh being a play on the slang Eh Beh, meaning ‘so what?’, then L’ébérou, am I getting too complicated perhaps? )


4 thoughts on “The puppet challenge, 1.

  1. I’m staggered… STAGGERED! This isn’t just a puppet, it’s a PRODUCTION!!!

    Wonderful Liz, just wonderful. The storyboard alone is enthralling! I love the way you’re immersing yourself in this. Well done.

    • Clive, thanks so much for your encouragement, you have always been an inspiration, your reaction will certainly keep me going. As you say it has become a production, and I must knuckle down, finish the story THEN think about how I construct the wretched thing!!

    • Thanks Phil, that’s good of you to say. I think I’ve put off the evil moment of actually making the puppet for long enough now! But until I had a story and a character, no images would come to mind. Locally, any version of the story was disjointed and without substance.

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